Press Clipping
Axel Krygier's 'Hombre De Piedra'

The contemporary recording, Hombre De Piedra, showcases an experimental vein of Axel Krygier's cross-cultural side. As a singer and composer, Axel brings together spaghetti Western, folk, Balkan, French cafe, blues, electronica, funk, and jazz influences for a truly exciting collection of songs that are never boring. The musical origins stem from Axel's Argentinian background, but this is not your typical tourist trap music. Instead, Axel combines edgy French, Russian, and Latin-American song styles for an enthralling release. A diverse instrumental repertoire helps the songs reach new heights and incredible appeal. Whether it is down-tempo or world music, Axel manages to create wonderful songs that are highly catchy and always memorable. If you are into new music with an ear-friendly beat; then try Axel's new release.